A simple stylized cartoon fox with large ears and a silly smile on a rainbow polkadot background.


Colorful creature art ♡ Concept doodles ♡ Hand sewn plush


✎ Exploring colorful and surreal themes with cute and quirky creatures ✎

Quick Info


  • Genderqueer | Any Pronouns |

  • Disabled | Crohn's Disease, Arthritis, Depression, and PTSD |

  • Multifaceted Artist

  • Lover of rainbows

  • Sci-fi fan

  • Animal friend

  • Video game enthusiast

  • 420 and Psychedelia themes

  • Advocates for Disability rights, LGBTQ, BLM, and Indigenous people


My name is Scribbles!
I'm a queer, disabled artist living in Northern California. I love doodling silly things and designing characters. My specialties are colorful digital illustrations of monsters, aliens, animals, and other fun creatures.

Born in the 80's and a child of the 90's, I love all things rainbow and glitter. I was raised by video games and television and am a huge pop culture nerd. My favorite video games are Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Sonic, Mario and Splatoon. I'm a fan of Sci-fi in all its forms and have lifelong dreams of creature design.

I get much of my love for creature design from my love of animals and nature itself. I enjoy spending my time outdoors when I am able, but otherwise I am a stay at home pet parent and intermittent volunteer at my friend's special needs Cat Rescue, Rocket Cat Rescue.

I've been drawing my whole life and love to experiment with different styles, techniques, and mediums. I dabble in everything from simple and cute, to creepy and detailed. Occasionally I like to make small, hand sewn plush out of felt as gifts for friends. I also have a great interest in street fashion and clothing design.

Due to my fluctuating health issues and brain fog caused by having Crohn's Disease, Arthritis, and depression, my online activity and art creation tends to be slow and sporadic. However, I very much enjoy creating and sharing my art and chatting with friends when I am able.

As a queer disabled person, I advocate for disability rights, and LGBTQ rights. I also advocate for Black lives, Ingenious peoples rights, Healthcare for all, Marijuana decriminalization, and Abolishing the police.

⊘ Do not interact if you take issue with any of this or if you are racist, bigoted, or abusive towards children or animals.